Ice cream, sweetened irresistible cold delicacy, is daily produced in our factories according to unique recipes which guarantee an unforgettable flavor.

Family packs, stick ice creams and ice cream coans, which quality is a responsibility of SNOWLION, are regular guests in all homes all year long, especially on hot summer days.

From wide ice cream range of different flavors, shapes and grammage, we picked out ROYAL EUROCREM which seduces all your senses with its perfect flavor.

  • Super Hit vanila 70g

    Super Hit Vanilla 70g


  • Super Hit čokolada 70g

    Super Hit Chocolate 70g


  • Stracciatella Kornet 140ml

    Stracciatella Cone 140ml


  • Siesta creme brulee, kikiriki, mlečna čokolada i biskvit 1.7L

    Siesta ice cream with caramel – creme brulee, peanuts, milk chocolate and biscuit flavor 1700ml


  • Happy farm, 60ml

    1,75kh (35kom)


  • Eurocream mini – Eurocream cornet, 65g

    0,975kg (15kom)