„Swisslion“ company was founded in 1997, and now it represents one of the leading multinational companies in Balkan region, containing manufacturing business units in Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, trading branches in Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland and with over 7000 employees. Portfolio of the Swisslion Takovo business system contains production of confectionary products, baby food, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, soups, pastas, ice-creams and processed meat products.

Values that we cherish

For decades business system Swisslion Takovo bases its business upon values that it cherishes – care for people as well as socially responsible business. That is why business system Swisslion Takovo represents a desirable employer and business partner in areas in which it does business, innovation starter and a manufacturer with a trustworthy product quality.





In 1997 our first factory in Vrsac was commissioned, where the SL Technology was applied, as a symbol for natural and healthy food of a high quality, controlled origin of raw materials and modern production process.

1997. – 2004.

From 1997 to 2004 Swisslion set up 11 new production lines in total, 10 of which in Vrsac and one of them in Macedonia.


In 2003 Swisslion factory in Vrsac introduced and began to practice hygene and HACCP system, according to the recommended international code of practice (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – HACCP system and guidelines for its application – CAC/RCP-1969).


In 2004 „PIK Takovo“ from Gornji Milanovac joined ,,Swisslion“ and that is how a business system, appearing in the market under one name – Swisslion-Takovo, originated.

Internationalization occured by privatizing companies in BiH, above all, ,,Tool industry Trebinje“, and after that by building four food industry plants in Trebinje and Nevesinje.


In 2011 with investing in processing equipment ice-cream production began. Factory capacity is 30 milion litres per year, and it is equipped with completely automatized lines for production 54 types of ice-cream in all shapes and forms.


In 2016 another confectionery factory joined business system ,,Swisslion-Takovo“ – “Banat 1894“ from Vrsac, which enlived former, forgotten product range of chocolate products with its production.


In 2017 „Vrsac Winery“, whose activity is grape and wine manufacturing, joined the system, thus the company’s product range is additionally enriched.


In 2018 „Swisslion“’s mascot was chosen – cub Slavko, which made children, our dearest consumers, very happy.


Vision of the business system Swisslion-Takovo is to keep the position of one of the top leaders in the confectionery market in Serbia and Balkan region as well, and by its work and developing the technology expend sphere of activity and develop a positive image about itself and its products, as successfully positioned trade marks.

The wish of the Swisslion Takovo company is to be:

  • A preferable, high quality and stable business partner
  • An actuator of the entire Serbia’s econimic development
  • A synonym for the most powerful food industry in Southeastern Europe which contributes general goals of the community it belongs to.


Swisslion Takovo’s mission is – by wide and high quality range of products, giving our consumers more moments of enjoying in good tastes as much as possible, all of that by using healthy, natural and by expert checked raw materials, set by SL technology, and with support of the most modern processing equipment.

The ways of successfully accomplishing our mission are:

  • Investing in technological equipment and infrastructure
  • Competent staff
  • Good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Premium quality raw materials