Various Euro product range contains EUROVAFEL, FILBI, ISLER, and many other products filled with milk, cocoa, or with a combination of milk and cocoa cream product.

EUROVAFEL  is a combination of crisp waffel and Eurocream. This unique product brings joy to the fans of this combination which gladly consume EUROVAFEL, everyone in their own way, with mlik, coffee, or ,,on the go“.

For cocoa cream fans we made EUROVAFEL with cocoa cream and vanilla, chocolate-covered.

When our experienced technologists joined top quality crisp biscuit and filled it with cocoa and hazelnut flavored Eurocrem and now got already well-known FILBI with Eurocrem. Very soon FILBI became and stayed a brand, to which are faithful both its young and a little older consumers.

  • Eurovafel Cocoa 90g

    Eurowaffle Cocoa 90g

    2,43kg (27 pcs)


  • Eurovafel Classic 180g

    Eurowaffle Classic 180g

    1,80kg (10kom)


  • Eurovafel Cocoa Plus 180g

    Eurowaffle Cocoa Plus 180g

    1,80kg (10 pcs)


  • Eurovafel Black 180g

    Eurowaffle Black 180g

    2,34kg (13kom)


  • Eurovafel Premium 180g

    Eurowaffle Premium 180g

    2,34kg (13 pcs)


  • Eurovafel Premium 100g