MEDENJAK, a synonym for a product made by traditional technology, is a perfect treat during coffee or tea break. Fine dough enriched with clove and other mixed spices flavors glazed with snowy white sugar glaze, orange flavor glaze or cocoa glaze with high cocoa content, melts in your mouth giving full flavor and smell. Honey cookie, honey cookie, makes every child a jokey…

There are Apricot flavored MEDENJAK and Orange flavored MEDENJAK in our offer, to make enjoying honey cookies even sweeter.

  • Medenjak kajsija 300g

    Honey biscuit apricot 300g


  • Medenjak pomorandža 300g

    Honey biscuit orange 300g


  • Domaći mini medenjak 400g

    Homemade Mini Honey Biscuit 400g

    3,6kg (9 pcs)


  • Honey Biscuit, Apricot 150g

    3,60kg (24kom)


  • Honey Biscuit with Orange 150g

    3,60kg (24kom)


  • SL Dukat (Gingerbread with orange) 150g