SOUPS, PASTAS and SPICES, tasting great, are an important part of TAKOVO company’s product range. Basic ingredients of this product are high quality, while their production is done on modern equipment, according to the highest production standards, and by traditional and carefully kept recipe.

We recommend TAKOVO CONCENTRATED SOUP BASE which is used every day by every experienced housewife.

  • Supa sa knedlama 53g

    Soup with Dumplings 53g


  • Kečap Blagi 1000g

    Mild Ketchup 1000g


  • Kečap Blagi 500g

    Mild Ketchup 500g


  • Prolećna bistra supa 53g

    Spring Clear Soup 53g


  • Kokošja supa sa mesom 62g

    Chicken soup with meat 62g

    1,24kg (20kom)


  • Kokošja bistra supa 62g

    Clear Chicken Soup 62g

    1,24kg (20kom)