In order to complete our finest sweets offer, in our factories we produced boxes of chocolate and desserts of highest quality, which were always an ideal gift for all occasions.

DESSERT, a product made from finest milk chocolate enriched with Eurocrem, hazelnut, strawberry and orange flavors, a perfect treat as well as act of kindness for your loved ones. Fine boxes of chocolate with various shapes are produced by spilling chocolate into molds and filling them with one of the four characteristic flavors, and after that coating with cocoa cream glaze Its full and rich flavor will make anyone, who appreciates DESSERT‘s high quality flavor, happy.

Everyone who loves pralines knows very well that SCARLET PRALINES are a synonym for a unique chocolate experience. The finest pralines, coated with high quality chocolate with apricot, raspberry, cherry, blueberry, strawberry and brambleberry fruit filling, are chosen by those who enjoy their little sweet treats, which are known to have a long production tradition.

SCARLET COCONUT STICKS and SCARLET JELLY SLICES made in order to make complete an already well known SCARLET family, whose quality is guaranteed.

  • Eurodessert lux, 250g

    1,5kg (6kom)


  • Eurodessert 120g

  • Eurodessert 150g

    2,25kg (15kom)


  • Eurodessert 300g

    2,1kg (7kom)


  • Eurodessert Box Packaging, 160g

    2,24kg (14kom)