CHOCO BISCUIT originated from the combination of our products, milk chocolate and Petit Beurre biscuit. Wrapped in an attractive 125g packaging, CHOCO BISCUIT represents one of the best known Swisslion which with its unique flavor won the hearts even of the most demanding consumers.

On request of those who love black chocolate, we made CHOCO BISCUIT which is a combination of black chocolate and Petit Beurre biscuit, while for those who love biscuit enriched with cocoa beans we made CHOCO BISCUIT which is a combination of cocoa biscuit and milk chocolate. It is up to you to only taste them and enjoy!

  • Choco biscuit white OPP 125g

    Choco Biscuit White OPP 125g

    2,50kg (20pcs)


  • Choco biscuit mix OPP 300g

    Choco Biscuit Mix OPP 300g

    3,00kg (10 pcs)


  • Choco biscuit dark OPP 125g

    Choco Biscuit Dark OPP 125g

    2,50kg (20 pcs)


  • Choco biscuit OPP 125g

    Choco Biscuit OPP 125g

    2,50kg (20 pcs)


  • Choco biscuit white 125g

    Choco Biscuit White 125g

    3,125kg (25 pcs)


  • Choco-Biscuit-35g

    Choco Biscuit 35g

    5,04kg (144kom)


  • Choco biscuit (cocoa) 125g

    3,125kg (25kom)


  • Choco biscuit with black chocolate 125g

    3,125kg (25kom)