Extruded products have for decades been in our offer, and ČAR NA DAR and TAKI LAKI are the most interesting part of that offer.

ČAR NA DAR, in two forms – ball-shaped cocoa bites and cocoa chips, combined with milk, is a favorite snack for an entire family. Rich in carbohydrates and proteins, this light, quick and healthy meal, already well known to all generations, is an ideal food that you can eat any time of the day.

TAKI LAKI, toast that is perfectly combined with different kinds of sweet and savoury spreads, is an unavoidable guest at every table. This nonfat toast is ideal as a meal or as a quick snack, and it is an excellent combination with spreads. Corn, nonfat or whole wheat, the choice is up to you, and the satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Taki Laki Rusk 125g

    2kg (16kom)


  • Taki Laki Integral Rusk 125g

    2kg (16kom)


  • Taki Laki toast with curcuma 125g

    2kg (16kom)


  • Euromax 275g

    2kg (8kom)


  • Čar Na Dar, Cocoa Balls 250g

    3kg (12kom)