Range of our savory products is divided into three categories – puffs, chips and peanuts.

Made of high quality raw materials, in various shapes and flavors, savory treats which are produced in our factories, became irreplaceable food that all generations delightfully eat every day.

GRISKI, KRC KRC, HELLO STAPICI and many other salty snacks, for savory snacks true lovers, have special value because rich tradition and high quality of carefully chosen ingredients are combined in their irresistible flavor.

  • Hello twister štapići 160g

    Hello Twister Sticks 160g

    2,88kg (18 pcs)


  • Hello perece 90g

    Hello “perece” 90g

    2,7kg (30 pcs)


  • Krc Krc sunflower seeds 50g

    1,65kg (33kom)


  • Krc Krc pumpkin seeds 50g

    1,65kg (33kom)


  • Krc Krc peanuts 50g

    1,65kg (33kom)


  • Hello Salty Sticks 200g