TAKOVO SOUPS and CONCENTRATED SOUP BASES are products with tradition and a synonym for a lasting quality. Clear and cream soups are made of high quality raw materials that we get from respectable food manufacturers from Europe. All our products have reduced fat content and high percentage of dry vegetables, which makes them unique and worthy of your choice.

  • Supa sa knedlama 53g

    Soup with Dumplings 53g


  • Prolećna bistra supa 53g

    Spring Clear Soup 53g


  • Kokošja supa sa mesom 62g

    Chicken soup with meat 62g

    1,24kg (20kom)


  • Kokošja bistra supa 62g

    Clear Chicken Soup 62g

    1,24kg (20kom)


  • Goveđa bistra supa 62g

    Clear Beef Soup 62g

    1,24kg (20kom)