BONNY TOP, favorite colored candies that always ring in their pockets, one of our most famous brands. Inside of the candy is made of cocoa cream, while the colorful glaze is made of natural ingredients. Attractive packaging shaped like a carton tube  with a lid is an extra reason why is BONNY TOP so much loved by the youngest ones who most frequently eat it during study breaks or during school breaks or while playing.

CHOCO BOOM is a chocolate lozenge covered with our best chocolate, and you can choose between a couple of great flavors such as grapes, peanuts, rice and cereals. Every crunchy ball evokes a “boom” of a chocolate pleasure in your mouth, because we know the secret of its perfect recipe, in which we put all our knowledge and skills.

  • Bonny Top kikiriki, 40g

    Bonny Top peanuts, 40g


  • Bonny top

    Bonny Top Tube 25g

    0,75kg (30kom)


  • Choco Boom Grape 80g

    1,76kg (22kom)