Our tables wouldn’t be complete without EUROCREM, which is why our parents and grandparents taught us. For decades, it has been a number one product, recognizable by each of its features, unique, with high energy and nutrient value, EUROCREM is being produced exclusively from checked quality raw materials, such as sugar, skimmed milk powder, cocoa powder, low fat cocoa powder, vegetable fats with no trans fatty acids, hazelnut paste, lecithin and other natural ingredients.

The quality is unchanging since the beginning, although its appearance changed over time, and recently  EUROCREM got its friend – EUROCREM PLUS.


EUROCREM PLUS is already well-known product, with characteristic smell and taste, enriched with milk, cocoa, hazelnuts as well as biological most valuable vegetable oils.  EUROCREM PLUS is a great source of energy, protein, minerals and diet fibers which makes it an ideal food to eat every single day!

  • Eurocrem 80g

    Eurocrem 80g

    1,92 kg (24 kom)


  • Eurocrem 45g

    Eurocrem 45g

    1,62 kg (36pcs)


  • Eurocrem Seckani Lešnik 350g

    Eurocrem Chopped Hazelnuts 350g


  • Eurocream PLUS Black 350g

    4,2kg (12kom)


  • Eurocrem PLUS White 350g

    4,2kg (12kom)