EUROCREM BLOK is Eurocrem’s fans well-known black and white bar. Made according to the highest manufacturing standards, packed in a red and white cover, EUROCREM BLOCK is a number one product to all ages and generations.

At the request of white cream fans, EURO BLOKIC was made, and it contains higher percentage of milk cream compared to its older brother EUROCREM BLOK. EURO BLOKIC is a sweet snack, rich in milk proteins, first of all, intended for our youngest consumers who mostly eat it during school break time, also during playtime breaks with their friends.

  • Eurocrem Blok 80g

    Eurocrem Block 80g

    3,84 kg (77 pcs)


  • Eurocrem Blok 40g

    Eurocrem Block 40g

    3,08 kg (77 pcs)


  • Eurocrem Blokić 120g

    Eurocrem Bar 120g


  • Eurocrem Blok Mix 160g



  • Eurocrem Blok Milky 100g

    3kg (30kom)