Merry farm

A mixture of 67% milk and cocoa 33% cream product – Cream board

Ingredients: sugar, fully hydrogenated vegetable palm oil), dairy product powder 12,6% (skimmed milk powder, whey powder, whole milk powder), cocoa powder with reduced cocoa butter content 6,2%, hazelnut paste 3%, skim soy flour, vegetable sunflower oil, emulsifier, soy lecithin and flavorings.

Nutritional value 100g

Energy value 2219KJ / 530.5 kcal

Fat 28.5g

of which saturated fatty acids 22g

Trans fatty acids Max 0.15g

Carbohydrates 63g

of which sugars 59.5g

Protein 5.5g

With 0.18g

* Minor deviations from the stated values ​​are possible depending on the natural composition of raw materials.