Salty potato chips

Ingredients: potato, vegetable oil, salt and flavour enhancer: mono-sodium glutaminate (E621). Without preservatives.

Packed in protective atmosphere.

Allergen information: Product may contain traces of wheat gluten and soy and milk products.


Nutritional value 100g 45G portion
Energy value 2349kJ/562кcal 1057kJ/ 253kcal (12.45%)*
Fat 35g 15.76g (22.5%)*
of which saturated fatty acids 15.21g 6.84g (31.1%)*
Carbohydrates 53.08g 23.91g (8.85%)*
of which sugars 0.85g 0.38g (9.1%)*
Proteins 5.12g 2.31g (4.61%)*
Salt 1.6g 0.72 (12%)*

*Daily reference intake for an average adult (8400kJ/ 2000) This pack contains 3-4 portions.