Our ice cream offer wouldn’t be complete without ice cream coans.

Many claim that with a first bite both chocolate and fruit flavors are equally seductive, and we claim that the secret of their perfect flavor lies within carefully chosen ingredients and recipe.

EUROCREM PREMIUM, CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM COAN, VANILLA, FOREST FRUITS and many other ice cream coans are ready and it is up to you to only taste them and enjoy!

  • Stracciatella Kornet 140ml

    Stracciatella Cone 140ml


  • Eurocream mini – Eurocream cornet, 65g

    0,975kg (15kom)


  • vanila maxi kornet

    Vanilla cornet 140ml

    1,28kg (16kom)


  • Forest fruit 140ml

    1,28kg (16kom)


  • Strawberry cornet 155ml

    1,52kg (16kom)