Frozen sweets which are a part at almost every table, especially during hot summer days, are ice creams packed in family packs, manufactured in our most modern factories, by recipes that are approved by our experienced technologists.

We guarantee that you will give the pleasure to remember for yourself and those you sare ice cream family pack with, if you opt for all or for one of the fantastic flavors that we made for you with great kindness.

Fruit flavored SIESTA, fruit and chocolate flavored TOLEDO, as well as EUROCREM flavored ice cream are available for everyone who loves their flavor.

  • Siesta creme brulee, kikiriki, mlečna čokolada i biskvit 1.7L

    Siesta ice cream with caramel – creme brulee, peanuts, milk chocolate and biscuit flavor 1700ml


  • Toledo ice cream with forest fruits and vanilla flavor, decorated with syrup and forest fruit chunks 900ml

    2,04kg (4kom)


  • cokolada-vanila0,9l

    Toledo chocolate and vanilla ice cream with biscuits, decorated with caramel topping and biscuits 900ml

    1,96kg (4kom)


  • biskvit-cokolada-0,9l

    Toledo ice cream with biscuit and chocolate flavors, decorated with orange syrup and chocolate chunks 900ml

    1,96kg (4kom)


  • eurocrem-0,9l

    Eurocream ice cream 900ml

    1,94kg (4kom)