EURODESSERT, sweet little treat, made by original recipe and technology, of carefully chosen ingredients based on milk and cocoa cream, black chocolate, is enriched with high content of milk, hazelnuts and almonds. EURODESSERT is an ideal gift for your loved ones. We are producing it in 150g, 160g and 300g packages. It is up to you to choose a suitable package and share enjoyment with your company.

  • Eurodessert lux, 250g

    1,5kg (6kom)


  • Eurodessert 120g

  • Eurodessert 150g

    2,25kg (15kom)


  • Eurodessert 300g

    2,1kg (7kom)


  • Eurodessert Box Packaging, 160g

    2,24kg (14kom)