On the plant

The production unit Swisslion Vršac has existed since 1997. On that year, the first plant in Vršac was commenced, in which the SL TECHNOLOGY was implemented – as a symbol of top quality natural and healthy food of control origin and modern development of production process.  The 20-year period has been marked by the constant growth and development of the Company.

Between 1997 and 2004, 10 new production lines were installed and commenced at Vršac organisational unit.

In 2003 the Vršac plant introduced and implemented the HACCP system according to the international, recommended practice code. In 2016, Halal certificate was introduced, thus opening the door for the sales of goods to markets imposing certain standards.

The results achieved in recent years concerning all industrial and economic indicators are among the very best in Europe.  This comes as a result of the development of cooperation with neighbouring countries, with Kraš, Podravka and Bulgarian and Romanian partners.  Markets of former Yugoslavia absorb 55 to 60 percent of products of the entire business system.  Cooperation has been achieved with Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Scandinavia, Germany, Canada, America and Australia.   With his way of doing business and style of work, the President of Swisslion company was a teacher, professor and a role model to his employees, trying to shape the best people for the system, able to follow his vision.

The success achieved in 2016 and the production growth of 30 percent, are the main indicators of the scope of production and other potentials.  Income received in 2016 increased by 12 percent compared to 2015.

Every year, the Company invests 60% of its profit into new technologies, with 20% being invested in the working assets, and the same amount being set aside for the development of own retail network.  Export takes 49% of the overall annual production.  These are impressive indicators and a confirmation of an adequate business policy, thanks to which, values for the future are being created today.

Located within the factory is the HDC Swisslion retail store, which is a part of the system of the retail network, consisting of 140 facilities.

The needs of the market and consumers are constantly changing.  Consequently, production programs are tailored to those needs.


The manufacturing company Swisslion d.o.o. – Vršac branch has 450 employees, of whom over 300 are involved in production.
The production is organised in five production plants and on 8 active production lines.
All production and packing lines are automatised or semi-automatised, by renowned producers, such as: Carle & Montanari, Buhler, Bernard Larnac, HASS, Cavana, Hasia… , with low share of manual work.

Daily production capacity in the facilities of Swisslion Vršac is up to 100t, depending on the structure of products and packaging.

The production at the Cocoa bean processing facility makes us unique not only in our country but also in this part of Europe, as it includes a complete process of cocoa beans (of premium quality – Ghana) treatment – from roasting and crushing of grains, cocoa powder and butter production process, to the manufacturing and packaging of the finished product.  This way we provide products and raw materials of high quality with controlled origin.

Hecrona is a production line with a leading capacity – between 11 and 16.5t per shift, depending on product type. This line can be rightfully regarded as the heart of the Swisslion Vršac factory, that has driven the growth and development of the former Vršac biscuit industry, delivering delicious and quality products, thus significantly contributing to the success of the Swisslion Concern today.  Some of the products that are produced on the HECRONA line are:  Petit Beurre – butter biscuits, Bevita, A-Petit – lean biscuit , Kvikersi – salty snacks and other products.


MOGUL line – at which foam and jelly products are made has the capacity of 5.5 tons per shift. It is at this line that one of our signature products is produced – foam, banana-flavoured, chocolate sauce topped (25% – containing at least 47% of cocoa) bar, which is one of the unavoidable candies for youngest generations –SL Choco Banana.

Honey biscuit line – with a production capacity of about five tons per shift – can boast top filled biscuit.  Produced on this line are the sweetest honey biscuits according to a special recipe – with real honey, quality spices; filled with apricot, cherry or orange jam (25%) and with chocolate topping (23%).
Biscuit line – with a capacity of three tons per shift – produces one of the most recognizable of our brands – fatty sandwich biscuit, that is, Isleri, which is available in two basic versions:  with Eurocrem filling and as a lean product that does not contain eggs and milk.
Leading product of the Wafer line is Eurovafel.  Perfect combination of crunchy wafers and Eurocrem filling, which make this product the most desirable for all ages.  Further development of this product, combination of wafer and Eurocrem filling was added, also, with 78% of the finest milk chocolate, creating a new product Eurovafel Choco 4 – chocolate with 4 wafer sticks, filled with Eurocrem.
In addition to wafer products with Eurocrem, we offer, also wafer products with:   milk, cocoa and hazelnut filling – known as SL Linea products.


Cavemil line for Choco biscuits produces one of our most recognizable brands on the market, which appears as a very interesting and winning combination of the original milk chocolate (60%) and laminated butter biscuit Petit Beurre (40%).  As a product that has won hearts of many customers, it is packed in several weights – 14g and 35g double – with 65% chocolate content, as well as a variety of gift packs in white-lined chipboard packaging of 125g, and the printed foil of 300g

Cavemila line for chocolate tabling was purchased and commenced in 2014, with the daily capacity of up to 20 tons of chocolate, with filled chocolate addition.

Physical-chemical and microbiological laboratory

The factory in Vršac has a physical-chemical and microbiological laboratory, where the quality of inputs needed for production, as well as the quality of finished products are examined on a daily basis.  Both labs collaborate with national accredited laboratories if necessary to complement the required analyses, for the distribution of products to foreign markets.

IT Sector

The Swisslion system has used the SAP ERP system since January 1, 2005. The system is maintained and developed by the internal IT team of the Swisslion business system that has conducted 20 SAP implementations in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia, in both production units and in trade and service area..

The IT team of the Swisslion business system is specialised also in the provision of external services and, therefore, able to provide the following IT services: Implementation of SAP system, its maintenance and support, network administration services, payroll calculation system and the system of HR records connected with SAP system.

IT Sector

The Vršac Transport Service has 28 truck and 14 lorries, distributing the products to buyers. The vehicles are modern, equipped with devices with temperature regime and fully support the quality maintaining requirements until the place of delivery. The Services has 45 drivers, as well as 5 employees in logistic support. The vehicles are engaged, also, for the provision of transport services to companies outside the system, in order to fully utilise their capacities.

President’s statement

“… as you can see, a capital was built that is invested exclusively into new products, new plants, new technologies …” “… it is very important to instill hope and faith to younger generations in their creative power. It is important to properly stimulate their development projects, based on the comparative advantages of the region, natural resources and market factors … ”

The Company President says, speaking about himself:  “All I do, I do for love, desire and endeavour to make it a useful thing and good for everyone.  I’m enthusiastic and driven by some special energy.  I’m ready to keep working over next 50 years.” (Interview with Company owner, Rodoljub Drašković – EUROMANAGER (2016) Magazivne on business and – champion managers, Regional Independent Agency, Zenica / Sarajevo, page 7)

European Association of Managers and Champions, Regional Independent Agency – EUROMANAGER Magazine on business and champion managers “, Zenica/Sarajevo, 2016.

Banat 1984 plant

Banat 1894 d.o.o. in 2016 joined the Swisslion Takovo System in 2016 and will contribute to the System’s future prosperity and development .

Along with the preservation of over 100 years long  tradition and the undeniable quality, we defined the following range:

Chocolates and chocolate boxes

  • Range of Original milk chocolates under „Banat” brand
  • Range of Exclusive milk chocolates, as well as chocolates with high percentage of cocoa content,
  • Cocoa creams
  • Juhu”, range of children’s chocolates

Pralines and desserts

  • Scarlet group of products
  • Cocoa desserts, jelly candies and fluffy desserts.

Caramel candies

  • Milk, hazelnut and cocoa

Banat 1894 d.o.o. has 160 employees of which 125 in production facilities.

Production is organized in 2 production plants, 4 production lines.  Production and packaging lines are automated or semi-automatic, with small share of manual labour.

Daily production capacity at Banat is 25 tons, depending on the structure and packaging of products.

The most important is the line for chocolate and for cocoa bars on which the Original Banat milk chocolate and Yoyo are produced.  Its capacity per shift is 5  five tons of the finished product, which amounts to 15 tons of finished product.

Within the plant there are depots of raw materials, packaging and finished products, providing optimal storing conditions.