On the plant

SWISSLION Food Industry Trebinje was established in mid-2009 as a part of the SWISSLION system, food industry leader in SEE Region.  Bosnia and Herzegovina thus obtained a strong business, implementing SL TECHNOLOGY – as a symbol of top quality natural and healthy food of control origin and modern development of production process.

Thanks to a good business strategy, clear vision, huge energy of the President of the System Mister, Rodoljub Drašković, the creator of the idea of making a multinational business system, we managed in a relatively brief period to commence some of the most up to date confectionery facilities and launch production of the recognisable brands, such as Eurocrem, Euroblok, Čoko bananica, Orange biscuit, Rahatluk, etc.

Trebinje Food Industry as a part of the SWISSLION business policy has demonstrated the philosophy of constant investments into development and production as a necessity, a thing required for surviving in both national and international markets.

Therefore, continuing the tradition of permanent development and following global trends, SWISSLION in 2014 invested in the most up to date equipment, extension of production capacities and, in accordance with needs, launched new technological processes, improving competitiveness and adapting to the requirements of customers.

The total value of investments into equipment and facilities in 2014 amounted to BAM 20,082,844.00, of which BAM 18,800,000.00 was invested in the most up to date processing equipment for confectionery industry.

Along with considerable technical and technological progress, new investments until 2015 (in the total value of BAM 66,000,000.00) provided the extension of the existent capacities so that we can boast with the daily capacity of up to 320 tons, depending on  the structure of products  and packaging, as well as the range of 110 products adapted to the needs of our consumers, the tastes characteristic for this area, but also to modern food trends.  During 2014 we produced  20,000,000.00 kg of products in kind, 84% more compared to 2013.  The implementation of the new technology is reflected, also in a considerable increase in sales and sales revenues, which increased by 45% compared to 2013.

“SWISSLION” d.o.o. Trebinje in May 2014 commenced a production facility in Nevesinje, investment worth over BAM 12,000,000.00, installing the most up to date equipment for the processing of fresh fruits, production of juices; line for production of alcohol drinks, line for production of jams and the mayonnaise and ketchup line, employing over 50 workers.

We are proud of the fact that Swisslion d.o.o. Trebinje is today one of major employers currently employing 495 workers of various profiles.  Only during 2014, 120 jobs were created, but the process did not end that way, because the achieved business performance require constant investments, both as regards quality and expertise and from the aspect of the number of employees.

“SWISSLION” d.o.o. During 2015 SWISSLION d.o.o. Trebinje continued making investments in the amount of BAM 12,116,000.00.  New production facility was built, with around 14,000 m² in size, with new processing equipment being bought (five new production lines).  These investments provided the extension of the production range and capacities and enabled the creation of new jobs.

Recognising the favourable geographic position of the City of Trebinje Swisslion d.o.o.  in 2015 extended its activities to tourism area, remaining a food industry leader.

The expansion to tourism started with big steps – with the impressive “Sun City” project, the realisation of which started in 2015 and developed in stages.  The end of the first phase is expected to take place in mid-July 2017.

The first stage includes the construction of the Aqua Park with 79,000 m² in size, with the daily capacity of 2,700 visitors.

The Aqua Park has 6 swimming pools for children and adults (with  4500 m² in size with 4.500m² of “water mirrors”), 7 toboggan slides for children and 6 for adults.

There are also Dino Park, Splash safari with animals. There are also three playrooms for the youngest visitors.

The Aqua Park also includes three extraordinary catering facilities.

VIP Spa Centre „Galija”, VIP Restaurant, Hotel Vidikovac, with 90-bed capacity.

The building at the entry to the facility has 19 apartments.

The Swisslion Company enters the tourism world, also, by opening the SL Industry Hotel in May 2017, restoration of the old facility from the 1980s, which started in 2015.  This 4-star hotel with 49 rooms also singles out for its unique industrial style and quality of industrial services.

As usually, – we work in line with our slogan – „Let’s grow up together“