Juvitana is a company whose main activity since the establishment in 1983 has been the production of children’s food. The Company has been operating within the Swisslion Takovo System since 2004.

The Company is divided in two organisation units:

Plant for the production of paps and juices for children Juvitana

Production is organized in three production lines:

  • Line for production of juices 130g
  • Line for production of paps 128g
  • Line for production of paps 190g

JUVITANA produces its range of products with the equipment of the latest generation, applying the most up to date technology. All components are measured by the computer and mixed according to recipes prescribed by experts in  various areas, which provides a balanced, top quality of the product. In the heart of the plant is a fully automated microprocessor eliminating any chance of a human error. The cooking of the contents is conducted on the steam of the culinary quality.

We produce the „Nova Juvitana” children’s food, only with the healthiest and freshest contents provided by the  farmers with whom we have established cooperation. The agricultural homesteads with which we cooperate are strictly controlled concerning the implementation of agricultural measures and protection of plants by the experts of the Faculties of Agriculture in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

The production process is strictly controlled by the plant laboratory and by the accredited, renowned laboratories and state institutions.

The quality is verified through a number of awards, health certificates, as well as the HACCP certificate, which stands as a synonymous for product safety in modern technology.

Egg processing facility

The processing of eggs includes the machine breaking of eggs, (with the projected capacity of 500,000 eggs per day), double filtration, homogenisation and pasteurisation. Depending on the type of product, pasteurised liquid is dried/dehydrated, frozen or salted.

Main products in the range are dehydrated (powdered eggs, yolk powder and egg white powder).

  • Powdered eggs 300g and 25kg
  • Egg white powder 300g and 25kg
  • Yolk powder 25kg

All products are fully natural, without artificial flavours and colours.