Swisslion d.o.o. – Gornji Milanovac branchhas 460 employees, of whom over 300 work in production. Production is organized in 2 production facilities and 11 production lines. All lines for production and packaging are automated of semi-automatic and made by renowned producers, such as: Carle & Montanari, Padovan, Werner & Pfaiderer, HASS, Cavana, Hasia, Hastamat, etc, with a low percentage of manual labour.

Daily production capacity of the branch is up to 80 tons, depending on the product structure and packaging.

Cream Production

Eurocrem spread, with whose tastes whole generations of Yugoslavians have grown, has been produced at Takovo plant in Gornji Milanovac since 1972, by an original Italian recipe and technologyof the world’s most renowned and larger producer at the time – Italy’s Gandola Company.

1,000 tons Eurocrem had been produced that year, for production to triple within only two years. Since the then capacities could not fulfill the expansion and the unprecedented demand for Eurocrem. In mid-seventies, decision was reached to build and commence a new plant, which was the most modern at the time, with the annual capacity of 12,000 tons. Every year was that of development, prosperity, proven quality, market expansion and increase in the number of 9small and medium consumers of Eurocrem.

For 45 years, already, Eurocrem has been produced exclusively from the substances of natural origin and verified quality, such as skimmed milk powder, vegetable fats, hazelnut paste, sugar, lecithin etc.

The industrial equipment for the production of Eurocrem is the most up to date equipment providing the highest degree of stability, homogeneity and preservation of the features of the contents of the products..

For a decade already, the Eurocrem plant has been operating within the Swisslion-Takovo SystemIn the PS continuously made investments into the development of market, sales and marketing for Eurocrem, as well as the development of new technology, new production equipment with the highest rate of product safety, as well as into infrastructure, air-conditioned storages with the required cooling for product stabilization, etc.

10-year investment cycle was completed in August 2017, involving practically all segments of technological operations of preparation and packaging of Eurocrem and Euroblok at the plant in Gornji Milanovac.

The technological process of Eurocrem production can be divided in three main stages:

  • Preparation of resources;
  • Preparation of cocoa and milk cream mass;
  • Shaping and storing of cream products.


Preparation of resources involves the following technological operations:

  • Melting vegetable fats and delivering those to fat tanks;
  • Hazelnut roasting and grinding, i.e. production of hazelnut paste;
  • Pouring and measuring of the precisely determined quantities of solid ingredients(sugar, skimmed milk powder, coca powder) and transport of liquid resources(vegetable oils) from tanks.


The preparation of the cream mass includes the following technological operations:

  • Cream mass forming by mixing and unifying solid and liquid substances in the mixer
  • Cutting or milling of cream mass on the two-roller device, with the goal two achieve such a distribution of weight per size of solid particles, in which there are no particles under 6 and above 25 microns;
  • Fine grinding of the cream mass on a five-roller device, with the change of the consistence of the mass from dough-like to powder-like and the achieved size of the mass particles is around 20 microns;
  • Final production phase, long-lasting, with intensive mixing of cream mass, using heat, with the goal to achieve final density viscosity and melting characteristics of the cream mass

After the end of this phase, the mass is transferred to tanks with doubles walls and mixers, where additional homogenization is carried out, and where the mass  iis stabilized and stored.

Shaping and storing of cream products

  • Shaping of the cream mass that is possible to spread is done by extracting the mass through volume dosers into different types and packaging forms on the continual production lines as follows:

Line no. 1 – for production of large packs of Eurocrem, of 300g to 1 kg;

Line no. 2 – for production of large packagings of Eurocremod 200g to 5 kg;

Thermoforming 1 – for the production of PVC packagings Eurocrem

  • EKT 25g – EKT 100g;

Thermoforming 2 – for the production of PVC packagings Eurocrem

  • EKT 50g – EKT 100g.


Daily capacity of the Eurocrem shaping and packing line amounts to 40 tons.


GE, 9 documents on SOLICH line, Euroblok of different dimensions and weights is produced (EKB 7g – EKB 100g), as well as the Eurodessert, which is a Premium product, as it represents the combination of Euroblok and black chocolate.

Daily capacity of the SOLICH line is 18 tons.

Biscuit and Waffle line

Formed biscuit line – at which various types of tea biscuits are produced: partially chocolate-coated and fully chocolate-coated, sandwich biscuit, biscuit with no sugar added. We created a biscuit for everybody’s taste and for all sense: crunchy, aromatic, with full taste, fine melting, with interesting shapes – for all to enjoy in. The biscuit line is with the capacity of 3 tons per shift-. Some of the products produced on the line are: Eurocrem sandwich biscuit Zeka biscuit, Dama, Mešavina, Tako vita, other.

Tea biscuit line, with the capacity of 3 tons pr shift, on which a recognizable, unique brand is produced – Filbi – fatty biscuit filled with Eurocrem and produced with the best natural ingredients (eggs, butter, milk, cereals), according to a simple, traditional recipe.
The Waffle line singles out Štanglice as a unique productA perfect combination of a crunchy waffle and filling made with the most quality resources (milk, cocoa, cocoa cream…) makes this product favourite in all age groups. Apart from Štanglice, also offered are waffle products with different fillings (milk, cocoa, lemon and hazelnut), as well as the chocolate-coated waffle – known as Linea products – as well as cornets, produced in two sizes for the needs of our ice-cream plant.

Biscuit line is known for a product favourite among younger generations Domaći kolač (with strawberry, orange, or cherry). Made of the substances of high quality with great nutritional value, it is very often used as a snack by younger generations.

Line of candies, Turkish delight or jelly candy – production in a traditional manner preserved the quality, taste and appearance of the product that is irreplaceable or always gladly consumed. Products from this line are: „Ratluk orah”, Ratluk ruža, Ratluk bergamot, Žele,„Boni fazoni hard candies…

Salty products’ line,the “mother” of the always recognizable Grisk, salty sticks filled with peanuts, with 30% peanut paste, which is also produced by us. Apart from this product, other products under HELLO brand are also known: pretzels, salty sticks or mix of salty products (mi of pretzels or salty snacks).

The maximum capacity of the line is 2.5 tons per shift.