PETIT BEURRE, APETIT, SAVOURY APETIT, BEVITA and JUVITANA BISCUITS enriched with vitamin make a laminated product range of Swisslion company.

Petit Beurre is a butter biscuit of an exquisite and recognizable taste. Natural ingredients and its fragile structure provide pleasure for all senses. Butter biscuit can be eaten with milk as well, and it is a great ingredient for your homemade sweets. This great product represents a synonym for a biscuit in many homes.

Apetit – sweet and savory biscuits are a necessary detail at every table as well as a great ingredient for pastry making, sweet and savory cakes and canapes.

Bevita biscuits and i Bevita classic ground biscuits are best when eaten with a glass of milk or a cup of tea. They are also an ingredient that housewives and confectioners often choose when making cakes. With out Eurocrem and ground Bevita every pancake becomes a perfect meal.

  • APetit mleveni posni keks 2kg

    APetit ground vegan biscuits 2kg


  • Mini Bevita 700g

    Mini Bevita 700g


  • Bevita Classic 170g

    4,32kg (24kom)


  • Bevita, Crumbled Biscuit 270g

    4,2kg (14kom)


  • Petit Beurre Classic 570g

    4,56kg (8kom)


  • Apetit, Lean Biscuit 570g