Our range of formed biscuits consists of the following products ČAJNI KOLUTIĆI, JUVITANA MLEVENI KEKS, TAKOVO VITA, DAMA, and MEŠAVINA VAFLA I ČAJNIH PECIVA. 

JUVITANA BISCUITS are biscuits enriched with vitamins, thus above all meant for our youngest ones, althogh our slightly older consumers do not hesitate to reach them. Taking a single look at its contents and richness which honey, milk, butter and group B vitamins give tempts you to try them and discover a pleasure that you cannot forget.

  • Slatka Mesavina 360g

    Mix of cakes biscuite and wafers 360g

    4,32kg (12kom)


  • Tako Vita 150g

    6kg (12kom)