TAKO VITA, biscuit with sweeteners  – sorbitol and aspartame  

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sweeteners: sorbitol E420 (18%) and aspartame E951 (0.1%), palm fat, partially  hydrogenated vegetable fat (soy fat), margarine (partially hydrogenated vegetable fat may of soy oil, refined sunflower and palm oils, water emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids and sunflower lecithin, salt, preservative: K-sorbate, acids: lactic acid and citric acid, colour: beta-carrotene, flavour), soy flour, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, dough raising agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate and ammonium-hydrogen carbonate, salt, flavour.

Excessive consumption of the product (over 300g) can cause laxative effect, due to sorbitol content. Product contains phenylalanine source.


Nutritional value 100g Recommended daily intake
Energy value 1960,2kJ/466,4кcal 23.3%
Fat 17.6g 25.1%
of which saturated fatty acids 6.2g 31.1%
Carbohydrates 68.5g 26.3%
of which sugars <g 26.3%
Proteins 8.5g 17%
Salt 0.29g 4.8%