Project Description

Ingredients sugar, vegetable palm fats (hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated in variable proportions), dairy products 14% (skimmed milk powder, whey powder,

whole milk powder in variable proportions), whole (graham) wheat flour 6%, wheat flour, cocoa powder with reduced cocoa butter content 4%, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, starch syrup, invert sugar syrup, bran for human consumption ), barley malt extract, butter (milk), coconut flour, roasted crushed cocoa beans 0.5%, hazelnut paste, strawberry powder 0.3%, emulsifiers soy lecithin and E476, table salt, dough leavening agents: E530ii and E500ii and aromas. Milky

chocolate mass contains: min 25% of total dry matter of cocoa parts. Milk chocolate mass contains vegetable fat with cocoa butter. Store at a temperature of 15 ° C- 20 ° C, at

dry place.

Nutritional value 100g

Energy value 2220 kJ / 531 kcal

Fat 29g

of which saturated fatty acids 16g

Carbohydrates 62g

of which sugars 53g

Protein 5.9g

Salt 0.7g