About us

Swisslion-Takovo predstavlja imperiju u oblasti proizvodnje kvalitetne i zdrave hrane.

Primena moderne tehnologije i vrhunskog znanja, kao i neprekidni procesi njihovog usavršavanja, postavili su visoke standarde poslovanja, življenja i rada u Swisslion-Takovu.



The Swisslion story started in 1997, when the first factory applying SL technology – a symbol of top-quality natural healthy food, controlled origin of raw materials and perfect flavour was opened.

From 1997 to 2004 Swisslion installed the total of 11 production lines, ten in Serbia and one in the FYR of Macedonia.

In 2003 the Swisslion factory in Vršac started introducing and applying the hygiene and HACCP system, according to recommended international codex of good practice (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – HACCP system and guidelines for its application – CAC/RCP-1969).

Takovo Company

In April 2004, the Swisslion acquired the largest industry giant in Serbia, PIK Takovo from Gornji Milanovac, on a tender sale, after the best offer and 30-million-Eur five-year-long investment plan.

In a very short time Takovo was integrated in the Swislion business system and that is how  the  Swisslion-Takovo Company was founded.


By incorporating Takovo within  the  Swisslion-Takovo Company, the factory for children food production, Juvitana, became the part of the same.

SL Sisak

In July 2008, the Biscuit factory Sisak became the part of the Company. The Biscuit factory Sisak was engaged in production of Euro Jaffa biscuit brand.

Euro-ice cream

In April 2011 Ice Cream Factory started. In a completely new production unit, as the largest Greenfield investment in the last few years in Serbia, the latest modern world process equipment was implemented. The whole range of product is relies se to the rich assortment of recognized confectionary brands of the Company. Capacities of the factory is 30 million liters a year, and it is equipped with totally automated production lines for the production of 54 different kinds of ice cream in all shapes and forms.

Mission and Vision

Clear vision and immense energy of Rodoljub Drašković, the inventor of the idea of starting a multinational Swisslion – Takovo business system, has send a clear message – that business can be done here well and that new values can be created.

Swisslion -Takovo of today is a synonym for:

  • Desirable, necessary, quality, and stable partner
  • A mover of the economic development of the whole Serbia 
  • The most powerful food industry in the South-East Europe

The main advantages of Swisslion-Takovo are:

  • Rich, quality and well-chosen assortment
  • Competitive prices
  • Possibility of adaptation – flexibility in operation
  • A simple structure of hierarchy – easy and fast decision-making
  • Promptness of distribution

Strengths of Swisslion-Takovo:

  • Determination of the Management
  • Competent staff
  • Investment in technology, equipment and infrastructure
  • Good manufacturing procedure (GMP)



Production company Swisslion Ltd., branch Vršac, has the total of 460 employer, 350 of which in production.

Production is organized in 6 production units and in 9 production lines. Lines for production and packaging are automated and semi-automated with a small percentage of manual labour.

Production system encompasses the following production units and processes:

  1. production unit for chocolate, cocoa products, products similar to chocolate, cream products and deserts
  2. production unit for biscuits
  3. production unit for laminated biscuits
  4. production unit for wafers, biscuits and chocolate wafers
  5. production unit for chocolate coated foamy products, jelly products and gummy candies
  6. production unit for wafers and chocolate coated wafers, tea biscuits, honey biscuits and long-lasting sweet cakes.

Daily capacity of production in production units of Swisslion amounts up to 100t, depending on the structure of a product and packaging.

Cocoa mass production process is completely done in the factory, from roasting dried cocoa beans, production of cocoa solids and cocoa butter, to production and packaging of the final product.

Production of laminated biscuits on the HECRONA line, the daily production of which ranges from 35 to 50 t, depending on the type of product, exceeds all the others in capacity.

coko-bananaAnother important line is the MOGUL line on which Chocó banana is produced. Its shift capacity is about 6t of finished product, which on a daily basis, in three shifts, is about 18t of the finished products.

Since 2009 The Swisslion – Takovo has had another new MOGUL line intended for the production of foam, jelly and jellybean candies and whose capacity is 5t per shift. Within the factory, apart from the warehouse of raw materials, packaging and finished products, there is a physical-chemical and microbiology laboratory.

U okviru fabrike, pored magacina sirovina, ambalaže i gotovih proizvoda nalazi se i fizičko-hemijska i mikrobiološka laboratorija.

Takovo Company

Takovo Company operates within the business system of Swisslion – Takovo, continuously striving to meet the needs and wishes of customers, as well as tending to develop new and existing production programs.

Manufacturing takes place on more than 30 000m2 of production capacities and is organized in several centres:

  1. Production unit for alcoholic beverages in which a well-known assortment of fruit brandies and alcoholic drinks is produced. It includes lines for the receipt and processing of fruit, lines for alcoholic fermentation and distillation, as well as an automatic filling.
  2. Line for mixing soups and condiments, as well as the line for their packaging, where the famous assortment of Takovo soups, spices and pasta is produced.
  3. Production unit for Takovo juices and nectars accompanied with the line for fruit puree evaporation and a new Tetra Brick aseptic packaging.
  4. Line for production of fruit jam and marmalade
  5. Line for production of crisps
  6. Line for production of salty and sweet crispy flips and sweet flips and extruded products
  7. Production unit for ready-made meals, meat pates and sliced meat, equipped with lines of worldwide famous manufacturing brands.

Ice cream factory

The ice cream factory started in April 2011.

World trends in ice cream production are now available to our customers who want the perfection of flavor, high quality, natural ingredients and safety of products.


New ice creams prove that in this form Eurocrem ice cream will delight you once more with its richness and the unique combination of natural ingredients and flavors. Rich chocolate flavor is the result of high percentage of cocoa butter, making this technology in ice cream production one of a kind in the world.

Carefully selected fruits in fruit ice cream guarantee natural, fresh flavor with minimum of additives.

PWe are proud of a successful combination of modern technology, modern processing and preserved natural ingredients in our offer of Euro ice cream.

The capacity of the factory is 30 million liters a year, it is equipped with fully automated production lines for production 54 flavors of ice cream in all shapes and forms:

  • Classical ice cream on a stick
  • Extruded premium ice cream
  • Children’s ice cream on a stick
  • Premium ice cream cone
  • Mini cones
  • Ice cream in containers
  • Sandwich ice cream
  • Family pack two-colour ice cream 0.9L
  • Family pack four-colour ice cream 1.7l
  • HoReCa ice cream

Swisslion Product

Swisslion Product was founded in Inđija in 2010. The Company consists of two organizational and operation units:

juvitanaProduction unit for purees and juices Juvitana
jaja-u-prahuProduction unit for egg processing

Production unit for egg processing is equipped with the latest technology equipment. Egg processing implies machine scrambling of the projected capacity of 500 000 eggs a day, then double filtering, homogenization and pasteurization. Depending of the type of a product, the pasteurized liquid is dehydrated, frozen or salted.


Primary products from the assortment are dehydrated (egg powder, egg yolk powder, egg white powder) and frozen (frozen pasteurized mélange, frozen pasteurized egg white, frozen pasteurized egg yolk, salted pasteurized egg yolk).

Swisslion Production also owns a cold storage with the capacity of 3500t.

Customers of Swisslion Production are almost all larger or smaller manufacturers in Serbia, primarily engaged in production of patisserie and confectionary, meat industry, mayonnaise production, ice cream production, condiment production and the like.

Within JUVITANA production unit, which has two shifts (with 20 employees in a shift) there are three lines of production:

juvitana-01Line for production of juices 0.130kg bottled with crown caps (daily capacity of 80,000 items) and juices bottled with screw caps (daily capacity of 70,000 items)

juvitana-02Line for production of purees 0.128kg, namely for fruit puree production (daily capacity of 70,000 items), vegetable puree (daily capacity of 60,000 items) and meat puree (daily capacity of 50,000 items)

juvitana-03Line for production of purees 0.190kg for Junior meal production – fruit purees (daily capacity of 47,000 items) and meat purees (daily capacity of 50,000 items)


Production programme of baby food purees and juices implies production of thermally sterilized puree and juice in hermetically closed glass containers. Products are dedicated to babies older than 6 months of age and small children. Affiliated company, SL Juvitana has had the HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certificate since 2006. It is a modern approach that provided production and trade of healthy food according to standards actively applied in EU countries. Every year there is a regular control of application of standards by accredited companies from the country and abroad.


Since 1 January 2005, the business system Swisslion – Takovo has been using SAP ERP system. The system is maintained and developed by the internal IT team of the business system Swisslion – Takovo, which has done 20 implementations of SAP by itself, in Serbia, as well as in Bosnia and Montenegro, both in our production companies and in trade and service companies.

IT team of the business system Swisslion – Takovo operates within the Company SL Takovo – Services specialized for providing external services as well; therefore we are able to provide the following IT services: SAP system implementation, maintenance and support, network administration services, software for wages calculation and personnel records connected to the SAP system.